11 places to share your blog posts

11 places to share your blog posts

Once you have written your blog post it doesn’t stop there, you then need to make sure you are fully marketing your blog post and we have 11 places that we recommend you should be sharing your blog posts to gain maximum exposure.

Podcasts – 1

Podcasts have become very popular of the last couple of years and they are so easy and convenient for users that are on the go, so why not share your entire blog post by putting together a Podcast, you could even split your blog post up and do it over several podcasts!

Video – 2

Very similar to Podcasts but with more a visual feel, you could even include a presentation or do an online demonstration if you blog post is related with showing users how to do something. Video blogs also known as Vlogs are great for SEO!

Pinterest – 3

Although most people think Pinterest is visual based, it is also a great place to share your blog posts, if you have your own page set up you can create a board called BLOG and within there add a small snippet about your blog post, a link and an image which includes the title of the blog post ( for creating the Pinterest use Canva.com )

Facebook and Groups – 4

We all know that Facebook is a very standard place where you share your blog post but don’t forget to share it on your Facebook groups as well, it opens your post up to a wider audience and if they share your post it goes even further!

Google + Communities – 5

Google Plus has finally started to become quite popular and they have a large variety of communities for businesses which are great for sharing blog posts, for example if your business and posts are related to women in business, there are many communities on Google Plus that are aimed at just Women in business where you could share your posts.

Email Marketing – 6

A newsletter is a standard piece of online marketing that all businesses should use and it is also a great way of sharing your latest blog posts and linking it to your website for them to access the full blog post. This encourages traffic to your website!

LinkedIn Groups – 7

Sharing your content in LinkedIn Groups offers you targeted exposure beyond your usual list of connections. Just be sure the group welcomes shared content, and make sure the post is relevant to the group topic. Being perceived as a spammer on these sites won’t do any favors for your brand.

Support Forums – 8

If you have a blog post that offers advice and tips be sure to find relevant support forums where you can share this information for others, it’s a good way to help other people but also to gain exposure and interest.

Twitter – 9

Twitter is a very popular place to share snippets of your blog post, make sure to include a link to your full blog post, an image which includes the blog post title ( use canva.com) and don’t forget to include relevant hashtags that will allow your blog post to gain further exposure.

Instagram – 10

Instagram is another visual sharing site similar to Pinterest – use the same strategy you would use on Pinterest. Instagram has a strong reach into the teen and young adult demographics, making it a very attractive content sharing option for brands. Make sure to use hashtags that are relevant to your blog post, as this is a great way to gain further exposure.

Reddit – 11

If you have a specific niche, there’s likely a Reddit sub-forum for it. Reddit has a HUGE amount of traffic, so if you can gain credibility, this can be a great source of readership for your blog.

There are many more places you can share your blog posts but this is just to give you an idea of some of the places you can share your content and gain exposure. Note that sharing your blog post and content across many different credible websites is great for your websites online presence and will make a big difference on your Google Ranking.

Quick Tip!

When writing a blog post or any content for that matter make sure you have a minimum of 300 words! Google Loves Content!

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